Fuel at SMSP

RaceFuels in partnership with Sydney Motorsport Park and the Australian Racing Drivers Club has a set of permanent fuel bowsers and tanks at SMSP; seven nozzles dispense fuels 24 hour per day* with payment made by a credit card reader. Available fuels are as follows:

98 RON (high quality pump grade fuel) – $2.20/L
This fuel is BP Ultimate and is supplied regularly, quality control is a strict requirement for the corporate drive events. Meets CAMS schedule G: Pump Grade Fuel.

Elf Race 102 (105 RON, 90 MON and 3% oxygen) – $4.95/L
REPLACES RF100 Leaded Racing Fuel (Avgas)
With leaded fuels now banned from motorsport activity (30/06/2019) we have substituted Avgas with Elf Race 102, a fuel with a lubricity additive to provide protection to engines which have been previously used leaded fuel. Engine tuners have reported a 2% gain in performance vs Avgas, the have increased a jet size with no timing changes, and no detonation has been reported.
Elf Race 102 meets the new CAMS fifth category requirements for fuels (avgas alternatives).

E85 RaceBlend (Batch Testing E85 for racing) – $2.20/L
This fuel is 85% Ethanol plus 15% 98 RON petrol, strict batch testing is applied to ensure quality and consistency. Meets CAMS schedule G: Commercial Fuel.

To purchase fuel:
1, Insert + remove any credit card into the white card reader
2, Enter the amount you wish to spend eg “50” = $50.00
3, Select which pump number / which fuel you want to take
4, Pump your fuel (you will only receive up to $ value entered)
5, Insert + remove credit card for a tax receipt to be printed.

These instructions are also on each bowser.

Email: info@racefuels.com.au // Phone: +613 9706 5233
*Subject to SMSP opening hours


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