We do! And we know you do too.

Since 1952, the ARDC has been more than just a club for drivers & riders - it has played a proud and privileged role as an integral part of Australia's motor racing heritage, and the foundation upon which Australian motor racing will continue to build into the future.

The ARDC’s goal is to be Australia’s preferred club for competitors and enthusiasts from all sectors of Australian Motorsport – Cars to Bikes, Beginners to Legends; Historics, Retros and Muscle Cars through to the V8 worshippers, Super-bikers & Super-lappers, Drift Merchants to those competing, or fans desperate to see, feel, hear and experience the latest machinery the world’s best manufacturers can put on the bitumen! We share with our Members a mutual respect for motorsport and it is this passion that drives us to deliver a fantastic array of highly valuable Member benefits, together with better facilities, more exciting events and onsite experiences year-round at Sydney Motorsport Park.