Sustainability at SMSP

The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, which powers Sydney Motorsport Park, prioritises our corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility as a key aspect of our business policy.

Conducting our business in an environmentally sustainable manner – reducing our carbon footprint, being proactive in the areas of energy conservation and forward-thinking practices, and creating policy to find new solutions and alternatives to traditional energy sources – is of high importance to our charter.

Approximately $300,000 has been invested by the Club from 2016 – 2019 in infrastructure and green solutions (with a $53,000 rebate from one project). We have implemented the following sustainable business practices and initiatives:


In 2016, the ARDC installed solar panels on the roof of each of the three large service blocks attached to the Druitt North pit building at Sydney Motorsport Park, both to reduce electricity costs and lessen our impact on the environment.


Since 2016, the Club has undertaken an extensive tree-planting exercise around SMSP to soften the appearance of venue, provide shade, and make another contribution to sustainability. Over 300 young and partly-matured trees have been planted around the venue from June 2016 onwards.


In 2018, the ARDC undertook an immense greening project: replacing every antiquated bulb and fluorescent light tube on the premises with LED lights. Partnering with Aqualuma, the ARDC replaced external lighting on the SMSP Circuits such as pit lane and the Grandstand; every interior light of the North paddock buiding; the ARDC Administration Office, and the Medical Centre.

The removed bulbs and tubes were then recycled; 199 kilograms of fluorescent lighting tubes, and 58kg of traditional globes and lamp lights were turned over, earning the ARDC  official recognition of this initiative with a Certificate of Recycling Excellence.

The National Carbon Bank of Australia then awarded a $53,000 rebate once work was completed.


The ARDC continues to push its green practice from office to venue, from digital marketing and communication strategy over print, to waste practices, recycling, and more. Future large projects will be added to this page as they are implemented.