NSW Motor Race Championship

Mate against Mate in a fast-paced State Champs

NSW Motor Race Championship

NSW MOTOR RACE CHAMPIONSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the current conditions surrounding COVID-19, and in full consultation with the Motorsport Australia NSW Motor Race Panel that represents the individual Categories, the NSW Motor Race Championship scheduled for April 4-5, 2020 has been cancelled.
It is the intention of the ARDC/SMSP to continue to provide track activity where it is safe to do so, in line with the current NSW Health advices and government legislation.
Please continue to check out website for the latest information, as our world is changing by the minute and our events are continuously evolving. Thank you.


1st Daniel Oosthuizen 

Production Touring, 619 points

2nd Matthew Holt                                            Production Touring, 611

3rd Aaron Tebb

Production Touring, 590

4th Duvashen Padayachee

Production Sports, 545

5th Michael Sheargold

Production Touring, 540

6th Sergio Pires

Production Sports, 483

7th Chris Reeves

Production Touring, 462

8th Caspar Tresidder

Production Sports, 460

9th Josh Muggleton

Production Touring, 443

10th Indiran Padayachee

Production Sports, 416