ARDC Member Benefit – how to book your Track or Ride Day


How to book an SMSP Track Day operated by Driving Solutions

It is best that you give yourself as much time as you can in advance to ensure that you can use your discount on your desired day.
Certain booking criteria is in place for ARDC Members regarding the number of spaces available in each session. At the ARDC, we will make every attempt to book you into your desired day, however please note that sometimes the number of ARDC allocated sessions may be exhausted. This means that you can either pay full price for that session to secure the day and then look to use your 50% discount on another day (within your membership year). Alternatively, we can assist you in finding another day where you can use your discount.


  1. We recommend that you visit
  2. Please read the important information regarding the day, then click on BOOK NOW to see all available dates.
  3. When you have found the day that you would like to participate in please contact the ARDC office by phone 02 9672 1000, so we can facilitate the booking using your 50% discount on your behalf.
  4. A confirmation email will be generated to you from Driving Solutions and your discount will be recorded in your ARDC Membership Account.

SMSP Track Day discounts are based on a use it or lose it basis! To maximise your benefits please ensure that you use them within your Membership year.
For Memberships that are 2 and 3 years in duration, your 2 x 50% discounts are per Membership year.
Please note that the ARDC reserves the right to change Membership benefits without notice, Members should review our latest Terms and Conditions at
Any questions at all please contact the ARDC by phone 02 9672 1000 or email




All riders looking to book a Member Benefit offer will need to first contact the ARDC office directly, either by phone (02 9672 1000) or email (
Your ARDC Membership will then be validated and the benefit being used will be recorded against your Membership account, ensuring the benefits are allocated

Booking SMSP Ride Days with Motorcycle Events Group Australia (MEGA):

  1. Contact the ARDC office by phone 02 9672 1000 so we may validate your Membership and annual benefit.
  2. A 50% Gift Voucher will be emailed to you once your Membership has been validated, and you can book your SMSP Ride at your convenience via the website:

Booking motoDNA Riders Academy

The ARDC will issue the below details on your behalf to motoDNA:

  1. Member Name:
  2. Member Number:
  3. Member Expiry:
  4. Member Email:
  5. Member Contact Number:
  6. Ride Day Group or Training Day:
  7. Proposed Date of Activity:
    motoDNA will then contact you to complete the booking.

Please note that, as always, things can change and therefore the ARDC reserves the right to change (delete, alter conditions, add new) benefits as and when required.